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Initial Film 株式会社は、日本の文化産業立国を民間の技術で推進する会社です。





Initial Film Co., Ltd. is going to encourage Japanese cultural industry with private technology.

We have exclusive contract with Economic Index Co., Ltd. which have invented the “Hit Index”, digitizes the hit probabilities of the film and the risk of investment in the film industry, for the first time in Japan.

“Hit Index” is the Japanese language processing technology combined with advanced information theory, statistical method, and financing engineering method.

Based on the technology, we are going to ‘excavate’ hilarious stories that have not made into; film, play, and animation. Then we will acquire those rights.

We are systematically going to support the projects for film, play, and animation based on the stories we acquire the rights.

Also, “Hit Index” is the crucial indicator to judge when people invest to contents, and it eliminate the gambling factor as low as possible to let the investment rise.

Initial Film Co., Ltd. will; promote Japanese contents buried but attractive and strong to the world, make capitals flow to content industry efficiently, and expand the range of content industry in Japan.

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